Photo a Day in July #31 FINAL PHOTO

31.  Toothbrush

Well, this is my toothbrush.  It's a Panasonic.  I'm telling you--electric toothbrushes are the way to go.  The first time I used this--and it wasn't even on the highest speed--it made my teeth dental-hygenist-clean, y'all.  I can't remember how many hours or days, but the toothbrush automatically went up to the highest speed, and then my teeth felt even cleaner.  I always try to floss at night, too.  Since I've started using the pick on my disposable flossers, my dentist has noticed the difference.  ;)

I can't believe I did every day of this challenge, and I actually posted them on the day they were featured.  I will have to do another one of these sometime, but for August, I plan on trying a new challenge--deep cleaning (out) our house.  ;)

I'll also be bringing some more recipes, I hope!  Thanks for following along, folks!

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  1. An electric toothbrush is really fun to use. That makes it a great dental tool for me. No, I’m not talking about pure fun here. You see, that excitement you get from wanting to use it is effective to coax people to brush their teeth after every meal for a sweet treat. With this, it is easier and more enthusiastic to practice dental care.

    Trinidad Philipps

    1. I definitely agree! But I can admit there are still some late nights when I am exhausted and struggle to get my teeth brushed even though I love this toothbrush. ;) Thanks for stopping by!


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