Photo a Day in July #14

14.  Building

I told you guys I'm such a nerd.  We finally got a bookshelf for my Harry Potter LEGO sets.  I've built Hogwarts, the Burrow, and the Freeing Dobby set, which still resides in the library because I'm too lazy to move it.  I still have Hagrid's Hut, the Knight Bus, a Quidditch match, and I don't know what else to build and get on this shelf.  :)

I just love Harry Potter.  I can't believe it's been a year since the last movie was a released.  :(  BUT Harry's birthday is coming up.  (Hey, it helps that he shares a birthday with my brother, y'all.)  I'm waiting to get the deluxe editions of all the movies someday; I want to buy the whole set together.  (I have a few of them here and there--I mostly relied on ABC Family for rewatching, but now that we don't have cable...)

I really liked how this photo turned out.  It was blurry because my hand moved, and the flash made it look funny, but after running it through Instagram, it looks like it was supposed to look like this.  I love making my mistakes look like "character."  *haha*

Sorry for the random thoughts--we just got done with our fondue party.  It's the first, full-fledged party we've thrown at The Owlery, and we had been planning it for weeks, if not months, and the past two days have been CRAZY between work and party-planning.  :)

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