Photo a Day in July #5

5.  On the Floor

Ok, this is probably the most boring floor photo ever, but the reason why I took a picture of the vacuum on the floor is because...*drumroll*...I (that's me, Ashley) vacuumed today!

(Oh, you do that every month week day week month already?)

Well, Zach cleans the floors in this family.  The only time he ever asks me to mop and/or vacuum is if he is sick.  (I don't mean the sniffles--I mean the flu.  My amazing husby will still vacuum even when he has the sniffles.  Cleaning makes him feel better.  I, on the other hand, get stressed out.)  Unfortunately, our vacuum is on the fritz.  We received it as a wedding present from Zach's parents, and this past weekend, while my wonderful husby was vacuuming, the hose broke off because it was being held together by a plastic screw.  WHAT?  So my resourceful husby used some industrial glue to put it back together, but the damage for that day had been done--the vacuum didn't clean our floors the way it should have.  So my hardworking husby, who works eleven-hour-days BTW, asked me to vacuum the upper floor again.  How could I turn that sweet husby down?

I loathe vacuuming.  For one, I could do without clean floors because I practically always have shoes on my feet, so dirty floors don't irk my clean feet.  (Flip-flops are my horseshoes/slippers.)  I rarely walk around barefoot, so vacuuming seems to be a waste of time.  (I kid, I kid...sorta. ;)  I hate vacuuming because it makes me hot and sweaty and tired.  I know, I know, there is much harder labor out in the world.  I should probably work out more.

But today I vacuumed.  And since I didn't have time to workout today, this chore will have to suffice...especially since I ran back and forth from the oven (to put pans of homemade cinnamon chips in and to take them out) whilst vacuuming.  It's hard work being a working hausfrau.  :)

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  1. My hubby does 99.9% of the vacuuming around our house too. I don't know how or why that became his "job", but I'm glad he does it!

    1. How funny! According to my in-laws, my husband has always been fascinated with vacuums. When he was a little boy, he would beg his mommy to take him down the vacuum aisle at Walmart! His dad also likes vacuums and keeps their floors clean. I'm glad he usually does it, too, because I would much rather do the laundry--there's something cathartic about folding laundry!


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