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Today, I am linking up with Kelly's Korner to show you our mantel...again!  I just love it--it is one of my favorite features of our rental.  :)

looking at our fireplace in the living room

our mantel with the "guestbook" from our reception and various gifts
When we moved in, the former renter had taken the shelf down and placed it under the big window in our stairwell.  I liked it there, too, but I prefer it here.

our fireplace
I love this during the winter months!

I'm really considering putting a collection of candles--same color, different sizes and shapes--in there during the off months.

I'm already planning our mantel for Christmas!  (We don't really decorate for other holidays.)  I am going to make a "Happy Christmas" fabric banner in Christmasy colors (red and such) but not in Christmasy fabrics.  Make sense?  Basically, I will take fabric remnants from various projects around the house (since our decor colors lend themselves well for Christmas) and turn them into the banner.  I am also planning on FINALLY knitting us some stockings.  We always put our nativity set on the center of the mantel and add a few Christmasy knick-knacks.  I think this year I will also tie some Christmas ribbon around the red candleholders.  :)

Thanks for stopping by our hearth!

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  1. I really like your red candle holders! Very pretty.

    As you might be able to tell I am a little behind on my blog reading!

    1. Thank you! I love them, too. Today, at Hobby Lobby, I started looking at Christmas ribbon to add to them for the holidays. Good luck catching up on your blogs! I always feel so behind if I take just the weekend off...


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