Photo a Day in July #10

10.  Your Favorite Color (I really wanted to spell it "favourite" the way the calendar does ;)

All of these beauties are MINE.  *ahahaha*

We had an orientation session tonight, and my mentoring organization's table was next to alumni services, and they had a big bowl of green M&Ms.  (Green is the official color of our school.)  Now, I had a green necklace on and a green cardigan on, but they aren't the right shades of green.  My favorite color right now (well, one of them, with mustard and sapphire blue) is kelly green, and these are about as close as I can get today.  :)  I told the lady running the table I was going to take a picture of the M&M's for my blog, and when the orientation fair was over, she told me to take all of the leftover M&M's!!!  (I just have to bring her bowl back.)  Holy smokes, it is A LOT!  This was a HUGE bowl.  I filled a ziplock baggie I had, but I donated the rest to the Advising Center to snack on.  :)  I think I am going to use the ones I got for the top of Zach's birthday cake...  (*shhhhh* Don't tell him!)

P.S.  This is my 101st post.  Wow.

EDIT:  When I returned the bowl, I asked her how big the bag is.  It was a FIVE pound bag of green M&M's!!!

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  1. I finally figured out how to make a blog on here and follow you! LOL. . I can be slow at times. ;)

    I am having a blast reading all of your entries. Especially the photo a day ones. I am glad that you're participating!

    I like the blue m&m's..

    1. Haha! I took me forever to figure out how to use Blogger. I think you can actually follow blogs without creating one, but I don't know how to do that!


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