Fondue is Fundoings

So about a week and a half ago, we had little fondue shindig at The Owlery, and it was so much fun.  The food was AMAZING, y'all.  The cheese fondue was gone in about an hour!  We hope this becomes an annual event since we got our fondue pot from Jenni for our wedding . . . and we are only now using it for the first time.  (The SHAME, folks.  The HORROR!)  It was so easy (and SCARY) to use Sterno to melt chocolate into a boiling mess of sugary sweet chocolatey soup.  Ahhh.

Onto the photos!
(Someday, I promise, I will have a nice camera again.)

We hung lanterns on our porch to make it festive.  :)

 I made this extra large so you folks could hopefully read it.


 savory spread
Roasted potatoes in cheese fondue is slap-yo-mama good!

 sweet spread

Amy prepares to dig in.  Actually, I guess she already did since the skewer is in her mouth.  Hmmm.

 Sheena gets more red.

 Sheena and Jess chill on the belanterned balcony.  (Yes, I just invented the word "belanterned.")

 I gave my camera to Zach so I would actually be in some photos.  I think you can tell which ones he took.  ;)


 my eye

 I don't know what was so funny to Mervin and Dallas...

 Zach regales the group with the story of our iPhone in the lion's den (er, cage--true story that I will share sometime ;).

 themed-dinner makers
Once a month, we have a themed dinner.  It's such fun!  Next up is Moroccan, I think?

 The Tulsa Folks

 My husband bombed the Jeb...yeah-I-can't-EVER-spell-their-last-name's.

We're from the Pharr side.

And cat photos (after we spiked their water with catnip on the day of the party):

Hobie, who usually FEARS strangers, was very social and posed for a photo.

Typically social Dinah spent most of her time hiding on the stairs...

 ...until I gave her more catnip so she would come out.

This pillow is also how we drug our cats.  Hobie has had it for as long as I have known him.  *lol*

 Then they entertained us all by chasing the laser!

Hope you enjoyed looking at our party!  If you have a chance to have fondue, DOOO!  *wink wink*

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