Photo a Day in July #29

29.  Last Thing You Bought

Our friend Brian was in state for a short visit, and he came up to visit us in NWA!  (Sadly, he was sans his wife Whitney, who is teaching a class this summer session.  :( )  Thus far, he and Zach have been catching up over several beers and scotch.  *lol*  When Zach mentioned that a Flying Fish opened up here, I jumped all over the chance to convince him that we had to go there for dinner.  ;)  You may recall that I went there twice for my birthday!  Flying Fish is a special place for us because it was where we had dinner on our first (group) date with...Brian and Whitney!  So it only seemed appropriate that we go.  Zach and I actually filled up our punch card, so my meal was free!  I guess that breaks the rules a bit, but I/we paid for it by having eaten at FF for at least nine times since they opened.  (Yep, NINE times.)  That's a lot of fish...and fried pies.  (I skipped on the fried pie since we still have ice cream cake in the freezer.)  When I realized that my free meal would be covered up to $9, I upgraded from the two fillet to the three.  ;)  I also had one of Zach's hashpuppies.  I ate myself silly, folks.

In addition to catching up some more over dinner, we got to watch the lady gymnasts on the vault.  (Whitney was a gymnast and a gymnastics coach, so Brian knows quite a bit about it, too.)  Do y'all love the Olympics, too??  I love watching gymnastics, swimming, and diving.  I'm bummed I missed uneven bars tonight, and I am mourning the loss of Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson from this year's.  (So far, I've seen a good deal of the first two, but I've got to catch some diving, too, soon!  We don't have cable, so my Olympics watching depends on moving around our rabbit ears.  We are so 1988...)

Poor Jordyn Wieber...  :*(

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