Photo a Day in July #25

25.  Heart

(He was sleepy this morning.  ;)

I have been planning to make Zach cake batter pancakes for his birthday for months.  However, I decided last minute not to make cake batter ones because we had an orientation session today, and Zach has to speak in front of all of the students, and it makes him nervous so he gets kind of sick, and I knew some people at work were bringing him a cake, so he would have that on his stomach.  Long story short, I didn't think he needed more cake, especially not cake first thing in the morning.

But I still made him pancakes...and I added some chocolate chips and sprinkles to make them festive.  *cue party times*  Since I've learned it's much easier to make pancakes using a squeeze bottle, I decided to try my hand at making shapes.  The stars didn't turn out very well, but the hearts were PERFECT.  :)  I am terrible at making pancakes, but I decided this morning that the skillet I usually use does not need any extra butter when making pancakes...otherwise, they end up burning in the pan.  These were lovely.  I even made some whipped cream and sprinkled some sprinkles on top along with sliced strawberries and turkey bacon.  The best part is that there were some leftovers, so tomorrow will bring a yummy breakfast as well.  :)

Despite it being a crazy day at work, I think Zach had a great birthday.  He got a delicious chocolate cake and a card from co-workers with a few other treats, and then tonight, I cooked, per his birthday request, my Shake 'N Bake chicken, homemade mashed potatoes, buttered corn, and Red Lobster biscuits.  His best friend from childhood joined us for dinner and brought him a LEGO set and some booze, so he was happy.  While they were building, we enjoyed ice cream cake, and then Zach opened his present from me.  (It was a LEGO set he picked out.  He even ordered it but had it sent to me.  *lol*  He said next year we are surprising each other since this year I wanted money to go shopping.  But honestly, I can't keep up with what LEGO sets he has, so this was a weight off my shoulders.  *tehe*)  It's hard to believe we have been together for four birthdays now!

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  1. Sounds like he had a great birthday! The pancakes look great ... I'll have to try out the squeeze bottle method sometime. :)
    P.S. - I nominated you for a Liebster award on my blog. Hope you can participate. :)

    1. Thanks so much, Carrie! I will definitely be participating...tomorrow. :) Off to bed now!


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