Photo a Day in July #17

17.  My Addiction

If you know me in real life, you know I looooooooooove sweet tea.  It IS the House Wine of the South! In college, I went through a pitcher a day; I have gotten a bit better, not to mention that I have cut back on the amount of sugar I use in it at home (from a cup to around a half of a cup) as well as doing half-sweet and half-unsweetened when I'm at a soda fountain.  The only time I drink the truly sweet tea is when I'm at a restaurant or we are on the road, and I feel it is inconsiderate to request half and half.  All I can say is "THANK GOD FOR MICKY D'S!" when we travel North; I don't know what I would do without it.  :)  Sweet tea is how I start my day--I know, I know, most people go for coffee or at least hot tea, but I like the sweet tea, no ice, cold from the fridge.

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  1. One pitcher a day?!? I think it's safe to say that you like tea! I like sweet tea mixed with lemonade.

    To answer your question, yes, I'm working on my certification now and will eventually end up with a MAT in another year-ish. The math class has by far been the worst (which explains why I'm still up...trying to wind down now) and I cannot wait until it's over!

    1. I just recently started drinking sweet tea with lemonade. it is sooo good, too--especially with fried catfish. :)

      My cousin is working on her MAT here in AR right now, so I always here about her adventures, too. I considered doing it as well, but I'll stick with teaching college right now.

      I used to wash my car a lot in high school, but I would always go to church fundraisers to do it. My last car only got washed once or twice for the six years I owned it! *lol* My husband is a clean freak, though usually he is more concerned about the interior of the car than the exterior. He loves going through the car wash, and I have to admit that it is relaxing!


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