Photo a Day in July #22

22.  Upside-Down

Zach's birthday is Wednesday, and every year I make him a scrumptious cake.  Usually, he requests Black Forest, but this year he wanted an ice cream cake.  (He requested it about two months ago.  *lol*)  I have never made one of those before, so I got on Pinterest to look for some ideas and made  a game plan.  He also asked if I could have it ready a few days sooner since we have a busy afternoon Wednesday (orientation session).  I decided to make it today since we are both off on Monday and could enjoy it then.  However, Dinah attacked Zach's foot last night--it bled quite a bit, was sore throughout the night, and made him hobble--and I woke up with a headache, so we missed Meeting this morning and had a very s-l-o-o-o-w start to our day.  I finally headed to the store at five this afternoon to pick up a few things I needed so I could get the ice cream ripening and cake baked.  (It's best to make the ice cream batter and refrigerate it for awhile before freezing.)  I made homemade chocolate chip ice cream, and then I made a homemade Black Magic (chocolate) cake (minus the marshmallows plus instant coffee).  This is the cake upside-down!  It was cooling on the rack, and I decided rather than being upside-down or placing an item upside-down or holding the camera upside-down that this would work for today!  I'm going to assemble the cake tomorrow, ice it with homemade whipped cream, place Kit Kat's around the outside, and top it with green M&M's (from a previous post).  I should be back tomorrow with a picture...

(I just realized that he is getting a Black Magic cake when he usually gets a Black Forest one.  There's something about those "black" (chocolate) cakes, I guess...)

I can't wait to try it!

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  1. Wow, that cake sounds good. :) Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

    1. I think I commented already on your blog, but pictures are up today!


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