Photo a Day in July #11

11.  Letter

I've posted this on Facebook before (once with the "P" by itself and once in the frame collage I'm working on), and I got the funniest comment about it.  A friend asked why we had a "P" on our wall...until she realized that "Pharr" starts with a "P" and not an "F."  *lol*  Another funny story?  The night I met Zach, he told me to look him up on Facebook.  So I scurried home and hopped on my computer and typed in "F-a-r-r."  There was no Zach Farr!  I assumed he was just another guy in a bar...until he added me a week later!  :)

When I got this "P" on clearance at Hobby Lobby, I was so excited to cover it in yarn.  I thought it was such a cute looking "P."  But I paid for its cuteness because it was very hard to wrap the bumps on it!

Also, I am not sure why that line appears on that photo every. single. time.  It's not there in person.

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  1. Cute! I would have spelled it f-a-r-r too!

    1. I bought another frame to add to the collage today at Hobby Lobby. :) It was on clearance for $5 because the back was broken off, but I know we can add a hanger to it. I think I am going to spray pair it red though.

      What's also funny is that when Zach added me on Facebook and messaged me, he said we should hang out sometime. This confused me because our friends that introduced us were playing matchmakers and had planned for all of us to go see Les Miserables at the Arkansas Rep that weekend. It turns out that I knew Zach was going, but they didn't tell him I was going! So the whole time I am thinking, "We are hanging out this weekend, weirdo..." *lol*

      He bought me a cookie during intermission, and I never looked back!


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