Photo a Day in July #28

28.  Cup

So we got a Deal Piggy (like a Groupon or Living Social voucher) for the excursion train that runs from Springdale to Van Buren and decided to go this weekend for Zach's birthday.  We got up at six to leave at seven to get on the train by eight.  Ugh.  It was a beautiful ride, although the conductors were kind of crazy.  *lol*  When we got into VB at elevenish, we met up with Kevin and Bree for lunch at Boom-a-rang, a hamburger diner-type place.  We all got burger baskets, and then Zach and I ended up splitting this delicious creamsicle float.  :)  After lunch, we went back to their place in Fort Smith and hung out and watched the kitties.  We had to be back for the train at 2:30, so they dropped us off and then we headed home.  I had brought The Hobbit to read but didn't touch it because I was so sleepy on the way there and then had a sinus headache on the way back.  I have the sweetest husband though; he dropped me off at home so he could run some errands for us and then surprised me with some caramel cookie dough ice cream from Braum's!  I was feeling better at this point, so we cleaned up the house, and now he's downstairs playing his new Xbox, and I am watching the Olympics upstairs.  Here's some pictures from our day:

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