Photo a Day in July #7

7.  Garden

We planted our herb garden last summer; then, we had basil, cilantro, rosemary, chives, and mint, and we used them to make pasta sauce and roasted veggies, scrambled eggs and homemade ice cream.  Our cilantro died within a few days (it was the only one we didn't buy from the same vendor as all the other plants at the Farmers Market); I harvested the basil and mint, which was planted in separate pots from the rectangular planter, all summer; the rosemary and chives thrived through the entire year.  This year, we replaced the basil and mint (not pictured), and both plants keep alternating between thriving and dying because of this drought we are having in Arkansas.  I have to make sure to water, water, water!  Our rosemary is still going strong, and the chives are as wild as ever.  :)  They were sky high this past spring with many chives blooming on the tips; most of those blooms have dried out now.  I used to have an awesome green thumb, but I think Zach is making mine browner.  *lol*

The smaller two pots in this picture hold marigolds, which Zach said were good for keeping bugs away.  We got them for a $1 a piece at the Farmers Market; only one is really alive now, and it doesn't exactly have any blooms.  :(  I need to pick up some chalk to write what we are growing on my $1 sign from Target.  :)

The reason why the greens are so lush in this photo is because, HALLEJUAH, WE FINALLY GOT SOME RAIN TODAY!!!

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