Photo a Day in July #2

2.  Busy

Since we weren't feeling so hot yesterday, we didn't go grocery shopping, which meant someone had to go today.  Usually, when grocery shopping gets pushed to Monday (or later), I go by myself, but since we had more to pick up at Sam's than usual, Zach came, too!  He wasn't too pleased I took his photo.  *lol*  But he was just charging ahead, so I got my camera out, called his name, and snapped this picture when he stopped and turned around.  We got a great deal on toilet paper at Target, stocked up on some much needed items at Sam's (like olive oil and craisins), and gathered our usual goods at Walmart.  Speaking of Walmart, that place stresses me out so much.  I miss Kroger.  :(  Today, I happened to lose our coupon organizer, which stressed me out even more.  I mean, I almost cried over this.  Thankfully, I had the good sense for a moment to go to the service desk and see if it had been turned in.  It had!  Unfortunately, our coupon for a free pack of Coca-Cola products had already expired.  :(

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