Photo a Day in July #8

8.  Lunch

We had lunch with Zach's Aunt Jeannie and Uncle Chuck after Meeting this morning.  Zach and I hadn't seen them since Walker's birthday party back in March--Walker is their grandson--so visiting them was long overdue.  We had ham and roast beef sandwiches (I had Grey Poupon on mine because I'm sophisticated, according to Chuck *lol*) with chips, potato salad, pickles, watermelon, cantaloupe, vanilla ice cream, peaches, and pecan sandies.  I really should have taken a picture of the dessert because it was delish!  Jeannie took a cookie, topped it with some Yarnell's ice cream, and spooned some peaches over it.  Ahhh, I had forgotten how good Yarnell's vanilla is; I'm so glad they are back in business!

Next Sunday, we have plans to go out there again since Zach's cousin Camille will be in from NYC!

If you can, please say a prayer for Jeannie (who was diagnosed with cancer sometime ago and her markers were down from 700 to 200, but now they are back up to 400 with new cancer cells in the fatty tissue right below her bust--she thought she had an ulcer).  Please also pray for her best friend Jetty, who was diagnosed after Easter with melanoma that had metastasized in her brain and a lung.  Unfortunately, unlike Jeannie, Jetty has gone down very fast (she can't walk or talk right now) though the doctors say she will beat the cancer.  These two ladies are just wonderful, and we were so blessed to get to know them better when we stayed with Chuck and Jeannie while we were looking to move after Zach got his job.  It breaks my heart that they are going through these things, but I know prayer can do impossible things!

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