"I'm gonna move to Kansas City...where the skies are so blue..."

Well, after such a serious post this morning, I wanted to post something more fun.  Last weekend, Zach and I took a weekend trip to Kansas City, which is one of our favorite places to visit.  In February, the B&B where we got engaged hosted a sweetheart story contest, and we were a runner-up!  We were awarded a $50 gift certificate and decided to use it once I had recovered from my surgery to takedown my colostomy.

Onward to the pictures!

 ready for our next adventure

 Birch beer is like a minty soda.  I always order it at Blanc.  :)

 enjoying the delicious onion rings at Blanc

We saw this store, which reminded us of Portlandia.  Zach had to take a picture of me next to it since my maiden name is "Byrd."  :)

 inside O'Dowd's Pub
They have fixtures from Ireland; visiting here always makes me miss the Emerald Isle...

 Southmoreland on the Plaza

like a picture postcard :)
They were building this patio when we were here three years ago.

 mini Southmoreland for the kitties
 We spent a lot of time in the solarium.  Through the doors is the dining room where we had breakfast.  :)

They serve yummy hors d'oeuvres every afternoon and cookies every evening.  We also get mint chocolate on our pillows!

This little guy announced the menu and the weather.  :)

 We stayed in this room this time.  Zach said he was "The Colonel."  *lol*

We NEED a bed this big!

fresh flowers in our room

 I think coneflowers are just so summery.

 Another reason why we waited to go in June was the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival.  We caught A Midsummer Night's Dream but missed Antony and Cleopatra.

one of the Plaza's famous fountains

 Breakfast from our first morning included lemon yogurt bread, plum crisp...

 ...shirred eggs with red pepper, basil, and sausage, and a stuffed spud!

 Zach checks out my new computer; we purchased it at The Apple Store on the Plaza.  I've yet to name it!

 Arthur Bryant's, the BEST KC BBQ

 Of course, we hit up World Market where we scored some orange KitKats and HobNobs.  I loved the Queen's Diamond Jubilee items!

gorgeous hydrangeas at Trader Joe's

Zach checks out the fish pond.

 me next to the tiny fish pond

 Breakfast our second morning included lemon poppyseed bread, mango-lime puree with berries...

 ...carrot cake waffles with maple cream and spicy sausage.  I was in love with this meal!  We found the mango-lime puree recipe on their blog, so we will have to try it at home soon.  I strongly hinted to Zach that their cookbook would make an awesome Christmas present.  *wink wink*

 This kitty was so persistent; he wanted to come inside sooo badly!

 Zach bids Southmoreland and its kitties farewell.
A couple of newlyweds said they had spent a long time the night before trying to make friends with the kitties.  I explained that Zach is a truly a cat person.  The bride said they probably sensed she has a dog personality.  *lol*

We had a wonderful time in KC, and it was so hard to come home.  BUT we are going back in October to see Florence + the Machine.

Where do you go for weekend getaways?

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  1. Looks like you all had a great time! We love getaways too!


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