Photo a Day in July #26

26.  Sunshine

When I woke up this morning at seven, it was still rather dark outside; it was gloomy and overcast, like it was going to rain, and it wasn't too hot.  But since I have forgotten what rain looks like or feels like or smells like (which is actually from the bacteria that is stirred up by the rain, BTW), I thought I should be preparing for the apocalypse instead.  So my umbrella and rainboots were kept in the closet, and the raincoat that I got in April (?) remains unworn.  :(

And then the sun came out as usual.  :(

But then my husband sent me a text about this long-forgotten weather state--RAIN!--and I watched the clouds roll back in and darken and finally start to fall from the sky in liquid form.  The cats were confused and amused, too:

I know, I know, today was supposed to be about sunshine, but today "my sunshine" was the rain.  Thanks be to God for this much needed rain!  Like many parts of the country, we are in extreme drought conditions here in Arkansas, and while it was not long-lasting, the rain was much appreciated.  :)

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