Photo a Day in July #16

16.  Sign

This is the "red light" at the carwash we frequent.  I always have my eyes peeled for when this sign changes because I am so afraid that the track the car rolls on will malfunction someday, and a car behind me will hit me.  Today, I had my eyes peeled to watch it change, but I did so I could capture this picture.  *haha*  And then I noticed my car rolling forward down the hill and out of the carwash--you have to set it in neutral to go along on the track--and I was glad I usually am so careful when I reach the sign at the end of the wash.  I could have rolled down the hill and into this sign!  And then there would be no cute kangaroo "red light!"

We pay each month for the unlimited basic package, so we go through the carwash at least three times a week.  :)  Zach wants to keep our car looking great for as long as we have it; it's not exactly a vanity issue--rather, we want it to depreciate in value more slowly so we can make more when we resale it someday.  Does that make sense?   It's kind of like remodeling and refurnishing your house.  (I think I should keep that in mind when I complain about cleaning the house, even though we don't own it.  ;)

Also, the carwash guys are supposed to offer you a sucker when you read the "Please wait for an attendant" sign.  I think they have a one-sucker-per-car policy, which makes me sad for the families with lots of kids.  In all of the months we have patronized this place, I had never accepted their offer of a sucker until last Thursday when I was on my way to pick up Zach from work, and I had oniony breath.  TMI?  I got a green apple Saf-T-Pop with an "E" on one side and an "I" on the other.  :)  I even took a picture because I'm a nerd:

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  1. This post made me laugh because I rarely wash my car. It seems so useless to me because I work for a company that has a gravel lot and as soon as I wash it it looks like poo less than 24 hours later. I guess since I'm quitting on Friday I can go wash it and it won't feel like such a waste!


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