Photo a Day in July #4

4.  Fun

I warned y'all I'm a nerd.  I'm sure I did at some point.   :)  Since we couldn't drive the four hours to and from Hot Springs in a day without spending most of the holiday on the road, we spent Independence Day at home.  We ended up sleeping in quite late because Hobie (our older cat) is not happy with his new food and kept demanding we feed him something else.  How does he demand anything?  He knocks things off shelves, chews on everything, comes and sits on my chest and stares at me, and nibbles at my arms, the last always being a signal that he is hungry.  He did this for a few hours before we were set to wake up, so we didn't get quality sleep last night.  :(

After breakfast, we lazed around the house before heading to Walmart and Braum's to pick up something to celebrate the day.  Let me tell ya--Braum's burgers are not good.  *bleh*  I literally had one bite of mine and couldn't eat anymore.  It's amazing because their ice cream is sooo good.  I tried really hard to get my husband to grill, but he didn't want to do it.  Maybe one day this summer we can scribble that off our Summer Pail List...

We took a nap in the afternoon; when I got up, I finished my curtain for the bathroom and then finished my Hogwarts castle!  Both of these things (sewing and anything Harry Potter-related) is fun for me.  :)  I thought about posting a picture of the curtain I made to cover the over-the-toilet shelf with all our magazines and paper products, but I didn't think a curtain would be as fun as Hogwarts.  Do you?  ;)  I have been working on the castle for a few weeks now, completing a few bags at a time, and today I knocked out the last two.  Zach and I have gotten me all of the Harry Potter LEGO sets except for Diagon Alley because it's expensive.  This is the first big HP set I've put together, not to mention it is the largest set I have ever assembled.  Can you believe I knew nothing about LEGO four years ago?

We had oatmeal and smoothies for dinner--I know, I know, that meal really says the Fourth of July, doesn't it?  *lol*  Then we went to see the fireworks in town, and now we are settling in for bed.  Hopefully, next year we will be able to go home and celebrate poolside in style (I didn't get to make my cobbler this year : ( ), but we did have a little fun on this patriotic holiday.

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