Photo a Day in July #6

6.  Chair

Our kitties, Hobie and Dinah, keep us on our toes.

For example, this week they went on a hunger strike because they didn't like their new food (same brand, different flavor).  Well, their human mom and dad held out, and we won!  They finally gave in and started eating it.  Thank goodness--I was starting to worry.

This has been one of Dinah's favorite spots since she was brought home as a kitten at twelve-ish weeks.  (She was our anniversary present to ourselves.  The second year you are supposed to give cotton; we figured fur would suffice.  ;)  I missed a lot of that time because I was sick and/or in the hospital.  It's fun to look back at those old pictures because she had no trouble staying on top of Zach's office chair then; now, she tumbles every off every now and then.

It's almost her first birthday (July 23), and yes, we are those people that acknowledge their pets' birthdays.  Hey, they are our babies.  We don't go so far as to throw them a party, however...

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