Photo a Day in July #12

12.  Texture

Today, I had to get some lab work done (borderline anemic again and decrease in WBC), and I went to the new hospital.  It's not new--when I say it's new, I mean it's new to me because my GI doctor has changed systems, and I have never been to this hospital before.  This means that all of my lab orders will be transferred from Northwest Medical to Mercy, and I will no longer get my treatments at the office but at the hospital's infusion clinic instead.  I was very nervous because all of the ladies in the lab at Northwest Medical recognize me, and I will be even more nervous when I go for my first Remicade infusion at Mercy.  After all, I am especially close to my doctor's nurses since I have seen them so often this past year and call them about once a week.  :)

But everyone at Mercy was very nice and very welcoming, and it is a beautiful building inside and out. I am dedicated to this photo project, y'all.  I left my phone (a.k.a. my camera) out in the car, so after my labs were drawn, I went all the way to my car in the parking lot, grabbed it, and came back inside to snap photos because it was so lovely.  For example, they had this tree sculpture installment along a far wall with this "stone" at it's roots.

There were a ton of things I could have photographed for "texture," but I thought the stone was just lovely.  It reads, " a tree that is planted by water streams, yielding its fruit in season, its leaves never fading.  Psalms 1:3"  The full verse is "He shall be like a tree . . . [] . . . and whatsoever he does shall prosper."

They also had a lovely collage of mirrors, paintings, photos, shadowboxes, maps, and such detailing the history of the hospital; downstairs is a lovely chapel (from what I could see), and outside it is a lovely garden that goes in a spiral.

I was sad to not see my usual lab ladies, though the lady who drew my blood was very good.  AND I think I saw one of my nurses from Springdale in the hallway.  :)  We will see how this treatment goes next week; hopefully, I will feel up to exploring the hospital a bit more afterward!

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