Photo a Day in September #1

That's right, folks!
I decided to do the daily photo challenge again.  :)

1.  Music

Well, we came down to see our parents this weekend and had planned to go to the Blues Festival here in Hot Springs tonight, but it got rained out because of Isaac.  Thankfully, Zach and I arrived later, so we didn't waste $20 getting in.  We took shelter at the Brauhaus, where we had planned to eat dinner anyway.  Zach and I split the knackwurst with sauerkraut and German potato salad, and his sister gave us a few bites of her German chocolate cake.  Dinner was over by 6:45, but we hung around for another two hours waiting for the storm to pass and listening to some music.  We were sad to see that the Itinerant Locals (a.k.a. Mick Jagger and Cheri Oteri--I swear this polka couple looks just like them) weren't there, but these folks pictured put on a good show.  :)

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