Photo a Day in September #2

2.  Above

Today was a busy but great day.  :)
We got up early, loaded up the car with my mama's luggage, and headed to Lonoke County!  Unfortunately, we were running almost an hour behind and then had to stop at Walgreens...and wait for the pharmacy to open.  Argh.  We finally arrived at my brother's church at 11:30ish and visited for a bit, letting my nephew Will open his birthday present.  (He turns TEN on the 25th!  We got him some LEGO bricks, of course.)  But I didn't get any pictures because we were rushing to meet Monica and Rob at Nick's for lunch!  (I'll get some with them when we go pick my mama up in three weeks!)

Awww, how I have missed Monica and Nick's!  Monica was one of my best friends in college, and we used to spend many nights going to local shows, talking about our books, classes, and teachers to the chagrin of my roommates, and overanalyzing our current romantic predicaments all. of. the. time.  I spent many weekends in LoCo at Monica's mom's house, and we would always go to Nick's for catfish, fried pickles, and fried pies.  (It's just about the only place to eat in town, so thank goodness, it's GOOD.  Too bad I forgot they brought back the corn fritters!  ;)

Monica is expecting a little girl named Autumn Gabrielle Elizabeth in November, and this is the first time for me to see her since she found out she was pregnant!  It was also my first time to meet Rob!  The last time I saw Monica, my Pearl (I'm her Ruby), was last summer when she came up to see HP 7.2 with me.  She had just started dating Rob at that point, so she was filling me in on all the details.  I have to say that I can now give my stamp of approval!  He's no longer a Snuffy but a nice guy.  :)

I also brought Monica her birthday present (honeysuckle lotion--her favorite) and some things for Baby A:  a blue dress with roses, pink ballet slippers, and...

Yep.  She's pretty much gonna be the coolest witch at Hogwarts when the time comes.  After all, she will have spit up on a DA bib!!  The day Monica found out she was having a girl, I ordered this.  It looked like the Etsy seller only had white and blue left, but THANKFULLY, she still had pink, too.  I was panicking until she emailed me back.  ;) Monica would only indulge me with a picture like this.  *lol*  And I HAD to get Zach to take a picture of us together, which he took while towering over us (hence, above).  Ah, how I have missed this lady!

Then we rushed back to Little Rock to make a 3 p.m. showing of The Dark Knight Rises at the IMAX theatre.  We had already seen it, but Zach wanted to see it in IMAX, and as his parents hadn't seen it, they joined us.  It was just as good this time around.

Good day, folks!

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