Be Grateful #4

Hobie has found a new sleepy corner. :)

1)  I am thankful that our Buick was dead when Zach was preparing to leave on Friday.  Although I had to put dinner on hold to go pick him up, it meant he was in our Veloster when a terrible storm rolled in.  The Buick has not been so reliable lately, and it could have been very dangerous on those flooded streets.
2)  I am grateful we sold the Buick on Saturday after it started when we went to pick it up from school! We didn't get as much as we hoped, but we got enough to pay off the scooter, and the man who bought it made it safely home.
3)  I am thankful for those who make me feel like I know what I am doing when it comes to teaching because, honestly, half the time I am feeling things out as I go along.  Last week (I think), I had one of my program's mentors say I was his favorite teacher he had never had.  Then this week, my best friend's little sister posted a quotation from The Notebook, and I told her how I used the scene the quotation came from to talk about introductory paragraphs and thesis statements (her quotation was from the opening of the movie); she said she wished she had a teacher that explained those concepts in terms she understood and cared about.  :)
4)  I am happy I have discovered the comedy that is Community.  But, as Zach says, sometimes it hits a little too close to home  *lol*
5)  I'm pleased as punch that I had some fun money this month to buy a new cardigan at Target.  It is green with white polka dots and was on sale for $15!
6)  I am glad I can share my freebies with those who can use them more than me.
7)  I am relieved that I am closing in on finishing my first stocking.  It will be Zach's, and it is cream and pine green.  :)  I also did a happy dance that I got to make my autumn wreath this weekend.  Thank you, Lord, for my talents!  I love making our home home.
8)  Oh, and I wasn't mad in the least that I finally got to try a crepe from Crepes Paulette at the Farmers Market. Oh, pecan pie (la tarte aux pecans) crepe, you were amazing on that cool Saturday morning...

Please say a prayer for the son of a couple who went to high school with me.  Easton Begoon is three and has been fighting cancer since July of last year.  He was admitted to the ICU at our Children's Hospital this weekend because he is septic.  This little fighter is hanging in there, but we are all so ready for him to be WHOLE, HEALTHY, AND WELL!

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