Photo a Day in September #17

17.  Clean

Yep.  I think my blog just jumped the shark.  *haha*
But this is what I cleaned today--the bathrooms.  I hate doing it, but somehow in our marriage, I ended up with that job.  It wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have three bathrooms, I guess.  And there is nothing better than a clean toilet.  I feel like we are spoiled at work by our very clean and very public restrooms.
(I hope my eyes are seeing this well.  This is the toilet in the half-bath upstairs--a.k.a. the one that is used most often.  I hope my toilet at least looks clean.  I flushed it for effect, which is why the water is all sparkly.  ;)
See the newspaper in the trash?  I use newspaper to clean mirrors and windows.  Why?  It leaves no streaks.  And streaks drive me bonkers.

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