Photo a Day in September #5

5.  Breakfast

I don't care much for Cheerios.  My mama always let me buy the candy cereal when I was little, and that is where my breakfast cereal heart lies.  I think regular/original Cheeries smell like dog food.  I think it's the oats in them--there's a lot of oats in dog food, too, isn't there?  I will eat Honey Nut Cheerios if I am really hungry and/or there is nothing else to eat.  Of course, my husband loves Cheerios.  (His parents made him eat healthy cereals and vegetables and fruits.)  So when we were stocking up on cereal during the back-to-school sales, he wanted to score some cheap Cheerios with a few coupons.  Wherever we were had the Dulce de Leche Cheeios on sale with the usual suspects, so I insisted Zach get some of those since I felt I would be more inclined to like them.  I was right.  They are pretty good...for Cheerios.  ;)

Of course, I had my breakfast with a big glass of cold sweet tea, no ice.

Now that I am thinking of it, I could have photographed my dinner since it was breakfast, too.  That is, we had brinner.  I made scrambled eggs and toast, and we had some cut watermelon on the side. I  make THE BEST scrambled eggs (according to the opinion of our family = Zach and me).  It's important to not let them sit in the pan; you have to keep them moving.

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