Photo a Day in September #8

8.  School

In case you didn't already know, I work at a school (a community college, to be exact).  This picture is of one of the six buildings on our main campus.  Most classes are held here; it's much larger than what the picture shows; it's much more labyrinthine than it appears here.

I was actually there today because my husband works there, too, and yesterday he drove to work in the car we have been trying to sell but have to put it off because it mysteriously dies for no reason.  (No, it's not the starter or the battery or anything logical.  It was his uncle's car originally, and he spent three years trying to fix all of its problems.)  I'm thankful it didn't start yesterday when Zach got off because when I went to pick him up, we got caught in a scary storm.  It would have been terrible for him if he had been driving home in that accursed vehicle and it had died on the Interstate as it is wont to do. ARGH!  So today we had to go on campus to see if the car would start (it did), so he could drive it home to try to figure out what is wrong with it again.  We had a ticket on the windshield because I never renewed the parking tag because we were selling it.  *lol*  The thing is--Zach parked in a visitor's spot so this wouldn't be a problem.  Oh, well, who cares...

...because we sold the car this afternoon!  After we got home, he decided to go ahead and post it, naming its mysterious problem and offering it at a lower price.  We sold it for far less than Bluebook value ($1,000+ less) and less than what Zach posted it for today, but it is gone!  Hallelujah!  Now we just have to get his scooter fixed, so we can be a two-vehicle family for at least another month before it gets cold.  (Oh, and can you believe that the insurance company of the guy that caused Zach to wreck is denying the claim since the police officer didn't take down any testimony from any witness other than that guy?!  Zach even contacted two of the witnesses, and they said they would sign an affidavit that this guy pulled out in front of Zach and caused him to wreck, but the dude's insurance company said that wasn't enough!  Are you kidding me?  If he had hit the guy, this wouldn't be a problem.  How does that make any sense?!)

Anyway, enough of my ranting and venting...
Here are two more pictures of my current school (that is, my work) from this week:

 This was Friday after I got off work at one.  The storm was starting to move in then, but it didn't really hit until five.

This was from Thursday.  We had our annual Welcome Back luau with free food (I had a wonderful Skittles-flavored snow cone!), music, games, and t-shirts (this one).  It pictures our Student Center, which is also above (in the picture of the storm).  This is where my office is housed.  I love how whimsical the SC is on this shirt!

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