Photo a Day in September #21

21.  Gratitude

We had a division meeting today at work.  I had intended to stay home since I have worked over my hours the past two weeks, but then I found out I had to give an update on my mentor program, so I put together a Prezi yesterday and headed into today.  I'm glad I did because our division recognized all of the part-time staff with a video featuring our faces and some quotations from our supervisors and with Certificates of Appreciation.  (I think my supervisor Marcus thought they meant an inspirational quotation rather than one about the person:  "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible." --St. Francis of Assisi.  :)  When Zach told me he was asked to work on the video, I told him I was glad they were taking time to recognize part-timers who are in between full-timers and student work studies.  We work with so many part-timers who work just as hard or harder than some of the full-time staff.  They aren't just the folks who "fill in" where necessary--they are necessary as individual works to the functioning of our workplace.  It was nice to feel appreciated on a day when I was so nervous about giving my update.  I've become very comfortable with talking to my students, but I still get so nervous getting in front of my colleagues!  ;)

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