Be Grateful #3

This is a mural outside the Main Library in downtown Little Rock.  We passed by there on the way to our car after having lunch with our friend Tolya.  It seemed appropriate to take a picture of the Dr. Seuss quote as our friend just accepted a big job back in his home country!

1.  I'm grateful for a three-day holiday weekend (or, in our case, four-day ones) although they are NEVER long enough.
2.  I'm thankful for old friends who will pick up with where you last left off...and it isn't like a year has gone by!
3.  I'm happy this is a short week.  Who's with me??
4.  And I'm not mad that we got to eat at some of our favorite (and missed) places this weekend:  McClard's, Brauhaus, Nick's, and The Flying Saucer!
5.  Finally, I'm glad I get second chances.  I hate I forgot to post last night, but in many ways, it seems more appropriate to post on this week's "Monday."  :)

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