Photo a Day in September #24

24.  Toy

Last Christmas, I got this shelf for my collection of American Girl 25th Anniversary mini-dolls.  Yep, last Christmas.  Um, exactly 10 months ago a week from tomorrow.  We are only now getting around to hanging it up.  It's going to go in our bedroom.  It would have gone up today, but Zach had a weird reaction to the anesthesia at the dentist and is sick on the couch.  : (  My poor baby.

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  1. When they released those 25th anniversary mini-dolls I really wanted to collect them, except never actually did. You definitely need to take another photo once it's up with all the dolls on display.

    1. Zach finally got the shelf on the wall. My plan is to add them Wednesday after we get settled back in. (We are out of town until Tuesday afternoon, and I teach that night, so it will have to wait again. *ho hum*) I have to thank my husband for getting a lot of the anniversary ones for me!


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