Photo a Day in September #29

29.  Animal
 the only elephant we saw up close
(Somehow, we missed the elephants when we were walking around.  Zach and I saw them on our train ride.)

(Tortoises pronounced the French way.)

 the striped donkeys

 This giraffe was a total CREEP.  He was 20 and chasing three- and five-year-olds (giraffes, that is).

 Ah, this picture doesn't capture the ugly gray flamingo.  but do you see the injured one?  He was FED UP with his bandages...

 Sea animals?

 Of course, I had to photograph some birds...

This bird looks fake. Like out-of-a-Yeats'-philosophical-poem fake.

 Even amphibians need their beauty sleep.  (Who knew?  I didn't.  Amphibians are beautiful.  ;)

I tried to post this last night, but I couldn't get my Photo Stream to load my photos.  We are out of town this weekend (Tulsa, then Kansas City), and we were staying at a friend's house, so I was on her Internet.  Zach had already fallen asleep, so I had no one to figure out what was going on with my Photo Stream.  So I surrendered and went to sleep.  :(

We came down (well, over) to Tulsa Saturday afternoon, had lunch at Wendy's, and met Sheena and Dallas at the zoo.  Zach found some LivingSocial vouchers for the zoo back in May, and we tried to use them when we were over in June.  However, we ran out of time, so we planned to come back in the fall to use them.  This was seriously the only time we could go this fall.

It was an enjoyable afternoon.  We saw lots of cool animals, including a family of monkeys in which the tiniest one was swinging on his "mommy's" tail and catching her poop!  Zach captured the poop moment on video, but narrowly missed the swinging one.  Sheena and Dallas had to leave earlier (for separate obligations), but Zach and I stayed and rode the train around the zoo.

On our way out, it started to pour.  Sheena had a family dinner, so we were going to go back to her house, so I could work on some class stuff (grading and planning) and Zach could work on some insurance stuff with his scooter.  But I was already hungry, so we headed to Andolini's for pizza instead.  They have AMAZING pizza:
 We did pineapple and red onion this time.  My husband LOVES pineapple pizza.

I was freezing in the restaurant.  I made Zach give me his jacket, which he offered on our first date.  :)
(We hadn't received our food yet, and I was ready to jump over the sneeze guard to where they were tossing pizza crust to steal some garlic knots!)

After dinner, we went back to Sheena's, and I attempted to grade a few outlines before I gave in to girl talk.  Then Dallas came over, and we watched The Five-Year Engagement, which had some dark moments but ended well.  Zach didn't watch much of the movie because his TMJ was bothering him:

 He finally woke up after falling asleep and caught the last third of the movie.  All in all, it was a good trip to Tulsa!

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