Photo a Day in September #19

19.  Slimy

Today is our third wedding anniversary, not to mention the fourth anniversary of when we met.  :)  We played it a bit more low-key this year:  Zach made me dinner (salad, pasta, and white chocolate-raspberry-lemon bar cake [okay, he bought dessert! ;]), and we caught up on Parenthood (I thought something happened to Haddie after catching a posting by the show's Facebook page!), exchanged gifts (I got him a personalized luggage tag, and he got me a glass candy dish--it looks like a Ziploc bag!--with Sweettarts for my office), and watched The Iron Lady.

I almost forgot to get a "slimy" picture and intended to snap a photo of the watermelon we had to throw out today.  :(  But it was already covered by new trash...a.k.a. the leftovers of our dinner!  I promise the salad was much better than it looks here in the rubbish bin.  :)  I'll have to post some pictures of our anniversary celebration tomorrow once I can get Zach's iPhone to be friendly with my email.

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  1. Congrats on your anniversary! Sounds like a sweet and low-key celebration. :)


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