Be Grateful #2

Wow.  I (we) survived week one of classes.  Phew.
I already feel behind.  I'm already exhausted.
Ready for week two...  ?  ;)
Zach got some free Naturals tickets for being such a hard worker, so we took his dad Friday night.  It was the first game we made all year, and I am thankful we did!

1)  I am so very thankful Zach wasn't too hurt in his scooter wreck Thursday night when a guy, turning left, pulled out in front of him when he was only four feet away.  Zach was able to stop before hitting the guy, so according to the policeman who came out, no one is fault and no ticket could be issued.  However, our insurance says it sounds like it was a clear case of failing to yield, which--hopefully--means that guy's insurance will have to pay to fix Zach's scooter and buy a new helmet, jacket, and eyeglasses.
2)  I am grateful we have such great relatives and friends who are willing to help us in any way they can.
3)  I am glad that my Buick is fixed, so maybe now it will sell...and we can pay off the scooter!
4)  I am grateful to have the energy to face a thirteen-ish hour day tomorrow.  Oh my.
5)  I am thankful for the rain this weekend and that the weather didn't interfere too much with our Eureka Springs trip to the Turpentine Creek Exotic Wildlife Refuge center.
6)  I am happy I finished The Hobbit at last!

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  1. Gosh...I'm glad your hubby is okay. People are so inattentive while driving. There was a period of time when I was rear ended three times in two years. Dealing with insurance companies gets old fast, but that check was always nice. Happy second week of school! I've noticed that all my teacher friends haven't been posting as much the past week or so!

    1. God was definitely watching out for him! It could have been so much worse. I was surprised by how calm I handled everything right after the accident--no fears about his getting back on or anything like that!

      Happy second (or are you on your third?) week of school, too! I already feel like I'm losing my mind, and I don't even teach for eight hours a day. *lol*

  2. Ahh, getting ready for The Hobbit movie coming, are we? My family cannot wait!!! So glad to hear hubby is OK. Hang in there, the long weekend is coming - another thing I'm grateful for, shoot, should have added that to this week's Gratitude Journal Monday.

    1. I have never read much of Tolkien (other than some of his translations of Medieval works), but I am interested to see the movie! I've also seen all of the LotR movies, but I haven't read those either, so they are up next.

      You can add that you are thankful for this weekend next Monday...after you get to revel in it. :)


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