Deep Cleaning--Upper Kitchen Cabinets

Today, I had to hand wash a ton of dishes--either because they couldn't go in the dishwasher or they wouldn't fit--and I also needed to clean the counters really well.  I ended up doing the unthinkable--I cleaned the exteriors of our upper cabinets!

Aren't they so shiny now?  I'm doing the bottom ones (and oven) tomorrow.  :)

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  1. Want to come to my house next? My cabinets desperately need to be cleaned inside and out!

    1. Well, I would, but I never even got to my bottom cabinets, much less to the rest of my house! With school starting this month...and now this week (EEK!)...I never got back to my project because I've been knee-deep in textbooks and syllabi and assignment sheets. Maybe next summer?! *lol*


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