I'm loving...

Wow!  Yesterday's post was my 200th!  That's crazy to consider.  Of course, I started this little ole' blog back in December 2010 after we moved to the far side of Arkansas, so it's about time I rolled past 200.  *lol*  I'm doing better about chronicling our life here, but I hope to do even better this year.  :)

This week, I'm loving:

I got two bags of these on clearance after Christmas, and I finished the second bag today.  *shame face*

This season has been emotionally turbulent and honest.  Ah, I can't hardly take it...especially that there are only TWO more episodes...

Zach got these for me for Valentine's Day, but he was afraid I would be disappointed--I'm not sure if he was worried getting sheets would be disappointing or if these specific sheets would disappoint me--BUT I LOVE THEM!  They have brightened up the room and feel so regal.  :)

I've been walking for at least 30 minutes a day except for Monday when I worked A-L-L day.  I've been adding a few extra minutes each day to make up for it.

While we have watched the available seasons, I still find these books to be so surprising and freshly written.

I've been enjoying poofing my hair...

...because when I wake up after sleeping on the slightest of damp hair, it looks like this.  *HAHA*

Cheetos Puffs.  'Nuf said.

I'm compulsive about watching ALL of a show.  Back in the day when there was still a George and an Izzy, I used to watch this religiously with some of my college friends.  But then it started getting a bit out there and too soapy dramatic (as in a soap opera).  However, when I was recovering, I watched sooo much TV and started catching up on shows I watched for a time but quit.  I know what happens at the end of this season (leading into the current one), but I am interested to see it play out.

I used part of my Christmas money to buy some costume jewelry from JCP and Charming Charlie.  I got the loveliest Twenties-inspired necklaces in emerald, sapphire, and rose quartz colored gems.  Since I've always been drawn to silver, I've always had plenty of them, but lately, I've been wanting some gold.  My mama also got me this darling peacock pin that doubles as a pendant from Hobby Lobby (their Timeline by Bead Treasures line--it was a 20s/30s piece :).

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  1. I absolutely LOVE Hersey Cookies N Cream bars. And I'm really loving this season of Parenthood. I haven't watched every episode of it, but this year I find myself making a point to watch it more and more.

  2. Your bedhead is great!!
    Happy 200!


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