Be Grateful #2

1)  I'm thankful that I only got a warning instead of a ticket when I was speeding last week (56 in a 45 zone).  Whoopsy.

2)  I'm thankful for all of the yummy food I have cooked over the past three or four days:  potato-carrot-leek soup, roast beef, molten lava cakes (from a really good mix!), and caramelized French toast with poached pears.

3)  I'm thankful I survived my first day of classes.  Woo.  Teaching back-to-back is rough on this gal.  I don't know how you primary and secondary school folks do it.

4)  I'm thankful our kitties (well, Dinah) is enjoying their new cat tower.

5)  I'm thankful we are getting a Marshall's and HomeGoods soon!

6)  I'm thankful my friend Katie finds out if she is having a boy or a girl next week.  And that baby Autumn is two months old!  And I could go on and on about all my nieces and nephews...

7)  And I'm especially thankful this week that we are going to the UK FOR A MONTH!  We have booked lodgings in Edinburgh, Keswick, and Bath, and we have bought our plane tickets!  We are flying in and out of Manchester and used our credit card points to pay for the tickets.  As we did this, we just had to pay the difference on what our points will cover, and the difference was just a little over half of what we thought it would!  And Zach has already ordered my birthday present; apparently, it is the biggest one he's ever gotten me, and it is something I can use on our trip.  (I think I know what it is, but I don't want to ruin the surprise...  I'll let you know after May 1 if I'm right!)  And when I have a bad day at work, I am just going to focus on my trip and let the semester fly by.  :))))

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  1. A month-long trip to the UK!?! How amazing! :D
    I haven't traveled in a few years, so I'm officially envious.
    But I would take a plate of caramelized French toast with poached pears as a consolation ... ;)

    1. In high school, I got the advice to travel every chance I got--even if it is for a day trip. :) Traveling does wonders for my soul.


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