A Prayer for the New Year

Rachel from Suburban Strut posted this prayer today, and I just had to share (with a few tweaks):

Dear Lord,,
Help me be a better me.  Help me see how you made me beautiful and perfect in Your eyes. Be with me as I make my everyday decisions that hurt how I feel about myself.  Whether it is the meal I choose to eat or the event I didn't say no to, show me the way I am to live this one life You have given me.  Take all these worries and burdens off my shoulders and show me all my blessings and what I have to be thankful.  You have given me this wonderful life and please let me see it as beautiful as it really is.  I know Lord that with Your help, I will be able to see the changes that are needed to live an even fuller life. With Your help, I will be a better wife, sister, daughter, friend, teacher, worker, etc.  Please show me the way.

Won't you join me in praying this for your life this year?  :)

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