Be Grateful #1

Well, we have returned to the daily hustle and bustle of everyday living.  My classes start in one week! I am halfway ready and halfway prepared.  I've worked on various things but haven't completed any.  I am still dreaming of the holidays, and it doesn't help that we haven't had time to take down our decorations yet.  (It's happening this week!  We have a kitty tower to put up...)  It also doesn't help that I have bronchitis (sorta), finished my antibiotics yesterday, and still have drainage issues with a cough that comes and goes.  I'm just praying it doesn't turn into pneumonia.  I have toooooooo much to do!

Zach, Will, me, Matt, Lexi, and Mama
Will had to dress up as Phil Robertson (from Duck Dynasty) for church for some reason.  (I didn't ask.) That's why he is wearing all camo; usually, he is dressed to play football!
Also, I didn't get to fix my hair that morning, so it is WILD!

1)  I'm thankful we got to spend lots of time with family this weekend, even if it meant being away from home another weekend.  Saturday, we travelled to Batesville for the Pharr family Christmas with all of Zach's aunts and uncles and cousins.  I don't know some of them as well because they do live far away, and additionally, we have missed the last three gatherings in four years because of various reasons.  But Zach and I spent the night with his aunt Brenda and uncle Davey, so we could travel to Lonoke the next day; that allotted us an opportunity to visit just with them (as well as his cousin Lindsey and his uncle Chuck, both who also stayed since they live in our part of the state).  I didn't get any pictures, including the traditional full family shot, because I know lots of cameras were clicking, and they will eventually be sent to us.  On Sunday morning, we drove down to Lonoke to have Christmas with mama, brother, niece, and nephew finally.  (We had to head back home early at Christmas because of the snow and missed seeing them.)  We all had a lovely time over lunch, opening presents, and watching part of The Walking Dead.  *haha*  I'm so thankful God has seen that old wounds have been healed and that broken relationships have been mended.

2)  I'm thankful I've only gotten almost bronchitis.  (The doctor said it looked as if my body is trying to get it, but it's not full blown bronchitis yet.  At least it wasn't full blown last Thursday...)

3)  On that note, I'm thankful I can work from home when I feel cruddy.

4)  I'm thankful for my husband.  Very few things make my heart sing as when he turns to me in the car randomly and says, "I'm glad you're my wife."  He is my best friend, my champion, my lover.  We both understand that when we got married, we also married into each other's family, and I am thankful for that understanding and for the love we have for each other's relatives.

5)  I'm thankful for the new gold sheets Zach surprised me with!  He got them for Valentine's Day, but he was worried I wouldn't be pleased with them and didn't want me to be disappointed on the holiday, so he gave them to me early.  :)

6)  And it may be silly, but I am thankful Downton Abbey has started again.  Who's with me???

7)  I'm thankful for the good evaluations my students gave me.  Yes, it is nice to have my self-esteem and ego boosted, but mostly, I am happy to see that they are learning and enjoying my classes, even when they find them challenging.

8)  I'm thankful I got approved for the Remistart Extended Access program for this year.  This will help with our out-of-pocket costs for my Remicade treatments, which I have every other month; the medicine itself costs around $3,000 in Arkansas, which means it is worth $18,000 for the year.  We don't have to pay anywhere close to that amount because our insurance is GOOD, but since I still only work part-time, it does help to have some assistance.

9)  I'm thankful for randomly cheap raspberries at Sam's, so we can have raspberry chocolate chip ice cream.  As well as raspberries stuffed with white chocolate chips.  :)

10)  I'm thankful it's a new year with fresh opportunities and second chances to become a better me.  I feel a bit silly, but I am taping this (somewhat altered from the original in The Help) next to my bathroom mirror:  "You are kind.  You are smart.  You are beautiful.  You are important.  You are loved."  Because we all are.  :)

How is your New Year going thus far?

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  1. I'm right there with you on Downton Abbey. We stayed up entirely too late watching it, but it was totally worth it! Hope you feel better soon! I try to wash my hands and keep the kids out of my face because I'm scared to death of getting sick right now.

    1. My husband, who is an advisor, had someone come to an appointment with him today WITH THE FLU. He told this person that he/she needed to go home and get better and that they could communicate over the phone/email. Then he promptly sprayed down everything in his office with Lysol! I'm so worried about getting the flu because I haven't been able to get my shot yet for one reason or another. Can you get one since you are pregnant? (That's one of those things I can never remember which way it goes...)


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