Be Grateful #3

Zach and I went ice skating with our friend Amy.  I didn't exactly skate.  I skate-walked about 15 feet, getting slightly comfortable with it until I noticed that the ice was no longer meeting the side of the rink.  So I froze and began a death grip on the railing until we decided we were done.  I was too afraid to turn around and skate-walk back and out of the rink, so I slowly side-stepped that 15 feet to the exit.  Of course, I HAD to turn around--my back was against the wall--to get out, but I was FROZEN.  I was so afraid I was going to fall if I let go.  So Zach had to get back on the ice, grip my right side firmly while I continued to hold onto the railing with my left, and spin me across the last five inches of ice and out the rink.  I'm RI-DIC-U-LOUS, y'all.

Tonight, I'm in a mood.  I almost didn't do this, but I figured it would probably be the best thing to rectify this mood.  Cultivating an attitude of gratefulness does take work, and I'm hoping my moodiness does not negate my thankfulness.

1)  I am thankful for the opportunities that have been presented to my husband and me at work last week.  Zach has been given the opportunity to test run a position in addition to his current advising and video production duties.  While it will mean some extra work and night events, he is being compensated with a little more money and time accommodations.  This is a position that was recently vacated, and they can't open until the new fiscal year; he has expressed interest in it, and several folks are in his corner and encouraging him to apply when it opens, so this will let him see if it would be a good move.  And I have an interview for a full-time position on Friday morning!  I am excited and nervous and anxious.  This would be something to make me feel like I really belong (it's hard working three part-time jobs at one place) as well as allowing me to continue my work with the mentor program, some advising, and collaboration with faculty.  I'm just not sure how this will jive with my three classes this semester as I can't exactly drop them now that they have started.  And there is that whole "I-need-a-month-off-in-June-to-travel-the-UK" thing.  Please send prayers and good thoughts at 11 on Friday that I will be led where I am supposed to be.

2)  I am thankful we scored some awesome deals this weekend:  $60 in credit on Living Social!  Free lotion at Bath and Body Works!  Old Navy clearance steals!  We also got in a little date--a walk through our park across the boulevard and dinner at Olive Garden.  (I love their salad and breadsticks!)

3)  I am thankful we got Monday off in memory and recognition of Martin Luther King, Jr.  Next year, I'm going to try to make it a day of service.  (I forgot this year.  I guess I can technically serve my husband, but it's not quite the same thing, is it?  I know my first ministry is at home, but I feel I should get out in my community.)

4)  I am thankful I discovered two fantastic documentary series this weekend:  The Business of Being Born and the Up Series.  The first one looks at alternative birthing options, and the second has been following 14 British children since the age of 7 (in 1963/1964) with an update on their lives every seven years.  I've spent my free moments watching the Up Series; I'm not quite current (56 Up) as it hasn't been released on Netflix yet.  (I think it was just released stateside.)  It has been a fulfilling, heartbreaking, eye-opening, shocking, joyful experience watching these 14 individuals grow up before my eyes.

5)  Speaking of births, I am thankful we got to welcome another healthy baby into our family this past Saturday.  Zach's cousin Alexis went into labor, and she and her husband were surprised with baby boy Will!  (She had a c-section scheduled for the 31st.)  He is named after Alexis' grandfathers, including the one she shares with Zach, so that is pretty cool.  Their first son, Walker, is named after her husband's grandfathers.  I'm also excited to have learned that one of my best friends from college is having a little girl.  Katie will welcome Isabella (Ella) Kate sometime in late May or early June!  And baby Keegan (my cousin's baby) should be here anytime now.

6)  I am thankful for lazy Caturdays.

7)  I am thankful for having had a fairly good--if anything, FUNNY--experience at an OB/GYN clinic on Monday.  (No, I'm not preggers.  But I feel like I should be expecting because when I was on Facebook today, there were FIVE baby-related posts from my friends BACK-TO-BACK.  Everyone is like, "Look at what I made!  See my baby smile/laugh/walk/eat/go to school/cure cancer!"  And I'm over here going, "My cat is sitting on a tower TALLER than meeeee."  We're just not ready to be responsible for the future cure-er of cancer.  Or of Crohn's Disease.  ;)  See, I can't take the typical oral birth control because of my risk of blood clots, so I had to start seeing a gynecologist as opposed to my general practitioner for my lady business.  That made me a little nervous.  Oh, and he's a male doctor.  Apparently, that weirds some ladies out, which I can kinda understand, but I'm probably about as uncomfortable with a man as with a woman, so...whatevs.  I think?)

Can we just acknowledge how awkward it is for someone to be in your business like that?  I hope I'm not being too personal, but GOODNESS.  And I have to mention that I forgot to shave my legs and repaint my toenails.  I don't know what I was thinking!

And Zach came along to the appointment because we were out running errands together.  He was going to stay in the waiting room since I was getting a quick exam, but as I watched couple after couple go through the doors, I realized the other ladies in the waiting room would think he was the BIGGEST jerk in the world (or maybe my brother?) if he didn't go back with me since most were there for pregnancy-related appointments.  And that was when I realized I hadn't shaved my legs, so he HAD to come back with me because I was so embarrassed and didn't want a manly-man doctor to think I am undesirable due to my hairy legs because, HELLO, here is my husband to talk to you about my lady business, Mister Dr. sir.

(I am the girl who, when she sprained her ankle, scooted on her butt to the bathroom, hurled herself into the tub, and shaved her legs BEFORE going to see campus health clinic about the bum ankle.  I'm not one of those chicks who views leg hair as extra warmth in the winter.  My nurse there tried to make me feel better about my hair legs by saying that after I apologized for them.  YES.  I APOLOGIZED FOR MY HAIRY LEGS.  It's not like they even touch 'em, but I felt bad they had to look at that five days' stubble.  I tried to console myself by thinking that nine-months-pregnant woman probably can't shave their legs anyway because of the baby being all up in their business.  My rib cage already gets in my way.  I can't imagine what they deal with.)

It was probably good that Zach came along since he helps me remember everything I need to ask my gastroenterologist, and the GI doc has to clear me to take even the lowest dose or progesterone-only BC.  Zach was also there to help me make fun of my elementary-school-photo-backdrop-looking drape I had to wear during the exam.  And when we were at lunch after the visit, I asked him what he thought of my new doctor (since this man very well could deliver our child someday FAAAAAAAAR in the future), he said that my doc was the best "hoo-hoo" doctor he had ever visited.  Which is true as he has never visited one previously.  (I guess I haven't either...)  I'm glad we can act like eleven-year-olds about serious junk like my lady business.

After telling that story--which you may not find funny at all but gross or disrespect or irreverent--I am smiling and feeling better.  Posting this gratitude journal is such a good thing.  :)

(FYI, the caption to my photo was added after I got over my mood.  That was also another funny story I will have to remember.  I am so SILLY.)

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  1. "(or maybe my brother?)" - HA! You seriously just made me laugh out loud.
    The thing I like about my doctor is, that once she gets started, she keeps up a steady stream of conversation, so I don't really get time to think about the awkward things she's doing.

    1. My mind is a SCARY thing...and too scary to waste on just myself. Sometimes, I can't believe the things that come out of mouth. ;)

      Well, my doctor and his nurse were talking to me, but I was so embarrassed by my hairy legs that I couldn't quite engage. *lol*

  2. I've heard great things about both The Business of Being Born and the Up series. I haven't seen either one though, but definitely think I'd enjoy both.

    1. I've tried watching the second Business of Being Born, and I haven't been able to get into it. The first one was very eye-opening though! And it was fun to watch the children evolve through the years in the Up Series. You should watch when you get a chance!


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