Sensory Overload: 5 on Friday

It's Friday, y'all!  My first Friday back at work (we've been on an efficiency schedule this week) consisted of going in late after taking Hobie cat to the vet and leaving early to take the car to get serviced.  In between that, I caught the tail end of orientation, went to get lunch at Arby's with Zach, and played our cake-smashing video from our reception.  So a very productive day, no?  No.  ;)

I decided to take part in the this 5 on Friday business that has hit the blogging world by storm.  But I'm doing a twist by looking at my five senses...

1)  WHAT I'M FEELING:  sore but stronger!  Zach and I survived our first week of yoga.  Oh, man, was I sore on Tuesday after our Monday class!  I got a bit better on Wednesday and could get my boat to float.  *lol*  (This a position in which you sit on your bottom, raise up your legs, hold them, and lean back a bit.  I couldn't do it in the first class.)  It was quite relaxing, except for being embarrassed by my gross toes (time to change my varnish!) and hitting my head on the concrete when we went down on our backs the first day...

2)  WHAT I'M TASTING:  homemade macarons!  The wife of one of our friends at work made strawberry-lemon macarons, and they were sooo good!  Her husband said--and I quote--"They are very hard to make."  I could just nod because I have always wanted to make some of these yet haven't because they are so difficult.  Zach actually LOVED these, and he has never liked macarons.

3)  WHAT I'M SMELLING:  I don't really want to go into that.  Let's just say it involves our cats and the floors (and part of the reason why I had to go to the vet this morning).  : /

4)  WHAT I'M HEARING:  About two weeks ago, I downloaded a Bible-study app called "Through the Word" (which will look like "Thru the Word" on the app logo itself).  It has three parts each day:  a sermon/talk on the chapter of the day, the chapter itself, and a journal.  The weekdays are devoted to a certain book, and then Saturdays look at a Proverbs chapter and Sundays a Psalm.  While there are some things that irk me that the preachers/pastors say, and I'm not really into Paul's letters anymore (I feel like more people follow him than Jesus, but that's a discussion for another day), I've learned so much and am feeling blessed by this.  I needed this guide of bookended devotion in which I get to hear an expert's take on the chapter and then give my own, and I like diving so deeply chapter by chapter.

5)  WHAT I'M SEEING:  my sweet sister-friend Sherrie on her last day at work (she was in Student Activities, too, which Zach was over this past spring); my stomach (It's a food-baby!); and this awesome article on what the goal of marriage is and how submission fits with it from To Love, Honor, and Vacuum (It's not what you think:  "Oneness is the goal of marriage; submission is a tool to get there. It is not the end, in and of itself.")

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  1. Those macaroons look delicious! I'd love to try making them someday, but I've heard crazy horror stories, so I'm not quite up for it. Supposedly, you need to bake them with your oven cracked partly open? Sounds just a little too crazy for me!

    1. I have heard those stories, too, but seeing that one of our friends could do it--I'm a bit more tempted! I'll definitely be posting about that if that day ever comes. *lol*


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