Greek Is Greek? The "Tri Omicrons"

Today, I'm linking up with Kelly at Messy Dirty Hair to tell you about my "Greek" days!
Why is "Greek" in quotation marks like that?
I wasn't exactly Greek, but I was in a "sorority."
Meet Erin, Emily, and Rose.  (Erin is also my cousin!)
Yep, we are that classy and sophisticated.
Okay, these are a bit more normal:

We were roommates my junior and senior years in college.  None of us knew Emily; she just signed up for our apartment because there was a free space in it.  Rose went to high school with Erin and me and was in band with Erin, too.  We did find out that Emily's boyfriend was in choir and in Nick's (Erin's boyfriend) music frat (Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia).  And thus we bonded quickly.  One of our first weeks together, we did a craft night and decorated canvases with our names to put on the wall.  But this was before my digital camera and the smartphone-era, so I don't have photos of that.  :(  I do remember I almost wrecked driving us home from Walmart and thought I had scarred Emily for life!
 photo 54_514643643401_0_n_zpsaa51973b.jpg  photo f8b7d4d5-ff98-434e-9135-c7682609a155_zpscaa683cd.jpg  photo 54_514643488711_1810_n_zpsa3290521.jpg  photo 54_514643518651_3587_n_zpsc18f6fb0.jpg

We had movie nights, made up games (like "Fun," which is what you see with the streamers), and cooked and baked together.

With our first Halloween together, we started a tradition:

 photo Roomies_zps6886eef2.jpg
 photo Photo038_zps0b4597f5.jpg
Yes.  I went as a pregnant homecoming queen one year.

Because we started spending a lot of time together, it meant that we spent a lot of time with Nick and Philip and their Phi Mu Alpha friends.  After a while, we got sick of hearing about their fraternity stuff all of the time, so we decided to start our own sorority.

 photo 65_514644920841_2635_n_zps64f74087.jpg  photo 75_514645794091_8917_n_zpsc836a6a1.jpg  photo 56_514644197291_1146_n_zps8d8517ea.jpg
with the guys

And the Omicron Omicron Omicrons were born!

This is us throwing up our sign.
Yes, I know it can be seen as something kind of sexual.  That's half the fun.  ;)
(We first thought we were the Tri Omegas, but Nick clarified that the "O" is not the Omega sign.  *lol*  Apparently, we didn't pay much attention in church or in history class!)

 photo 100_0711_zps68a422fa.jpg  photo 75_514642989711_3040_n_zps22598c3e.jpg  photo 100_4410_zpsd3b288dc.jpg  photo 34643_628352090761_1631159_n_zps923f70d5.jpg
 photo O025cropBW_zps9055ba52.jpg  photo P1010114_zps4ebb3da8.jpg  photo Photo044_zps84d88b08.jpg  photo 100_9433crop_zpsdeb36b93.jpg
We've been Tri O's through illnesses, vacations, weddings, birthdays, babies, and holidays.  After all, O's are never-ending. ;)
 photo O026cropBW_zpsc0f275b7.jpg

Be sure to say hello if you are a Greek (or non-Greek) popping in!
Carolina Fireflies

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  1. I wasn't in a sorority in college, but actually was in high school. I get the feeling high schools sororityw used to be a lot more popular in the early 1900s, but they've faded away. (For good reason probably!) If I remember right, ours was founded in the 1930s, and Billie Jean King was actually in it when she was in high school.

    1. I think you are right about high school sororities. My best friend from college and her little sis were in one in high school. Very cool about yours!


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