Photo a Day in November #9 (late)

9.  Small

So one of my best friends from college, Katie (in the middle), officially announced on facebook that she is expecting a baby in June!  (I knew a few weeks ago.  :)  And my other best friend from college, Monica (on the left), is having her baby next week.  (I was also informed about another pregnancy of a friend, but it's not official. ;)  While those are HUGE, life-changing events, the babies themselves are small?  (I'm really stretching this here.)  This is an old picture (like five years old--from their December graduation), but that is what I posted in my daily photo album on facebook, and I figured you guys were tired of pictures of our cats (they are small, too, but depending on your perspective, they can be huge).

We used to be the babies, and now we are having babies!  (Not me--I have cats.)  How did that happen?  We are growing up so fast!

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  1. None of my close friends have really started having babies yet. But I am excited for it to finally happen, I may just need to wait another year or two.


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