Photo a Day in November #4

4.  TV

Wasn't that extra hour of sleep glorious?  :)  We didn't go to Meeting since I am coming down with a cold and Zach was so tired, so we slept in and enjoyed the longer morning.  I made pumpkin pancakes and happily breakfasted on them while catching up on The Young and the Restless and pinning recipes.  Dinah felt like she had to help me and took a seat behind the computer, then she preceded to attack our tablecloth and gnaw on the side of our Duncan Phyfe table!  Argh!

And the funniest thing happened last night while we were catching up on Revolution.  I put the kettle on to boil some water for cocoa and came back in the living room.  Well, I heard Hobie making some noise.  I walked into the kitchen and searched the floor.  No Hobie.  Then I looked on the counter to find him nosing through our tea and and cocoa tray!  He had found our catnip tea and wanted some.  (Yes, they have catnip tea.  I've never had it, but Zach says it gives you very vivid dreams.  *lol*)  As such, we had to give him and Dinah the hard stuff.  Still, as soon as we turned our backs again, Hobie was back on the counter looking for the catnip tea!  It is never boring with two cats around, I say!

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