Be Grateful #8

a portrait of George Washington at Crystal Bridges

1)  I'm thankful it's cooler in these parts (NWA).  It got down into the 30s over the weekend!
2)  I'm thankful for visits with family, even when it gets a bit stressful and chaotic.
3)  I'm thankful that this week will allow for some baking, some knitting, some Jack White, some time with friends before my husband goes to a conference for a few days next week.
4)  I can't life--I'm thankful we are at the midpoint of the semester!
5)  I'm thankful for friends at work who keep me laughing.
6)  I'm thankful my husband is a neat freak because it keeps me organized and clean.  ;)
7)  I'm thankful to live in such a beautiful area with so many opportunities.
8)  I'm thankful that I don't live in Panem.
9)  I'm thankful to begin my favorite unit in composition week--analysis (of advertisements)!
10)  I'm thankful this is my last week of Phoenix.  I'll get my Thursday nights back to snuggle with my husby and catch up on TV (and knitting).
11)  I'm thankful for Stephen's cocoa with bunny mallows.  Nighty-night.  :)

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