I'm an equal opportunist when it comes to pie-type foods...

So I had this three times in one day this week--for breakfast, with lunch, and after dinner...not to mention the other times I had it:

I'm think I might do the same with this:

Sometimes, I am just amaaazed I don't weigh 400 pounds already. And, yeah, these are probably not the best things for the Crohn's (or anybody else's health), but at least the cobbler has peaches...riiight? After all, I'm supposed to be eating mostly cooked fruits--might as well mix them with some butter and sugar!

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  1. Okay both of those look deadly. YUM!

  2. Mmm, Key Lime pie and peach cobbler. I haven't had those in such a long time! My mom made some blackberry-cherry cobbler for Easter, and that was great, but I can't wait until it's peach season for peach cobbler.

    Thanks for dropping by The Cup That Cheers; it's always good to connect with another English major. English majors unite!


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