Exciting News!

Well, next Tuesday I am having surgery--my colon resection!!! I am seriously excited...about excited as you can be when having surgery! Basically, this means that my surgeon will reconnect my stoma to the end of my colon that has just been hanging out in abdomen the past five-ish months, and I will go to the potty like a normal person again. This means NO MORE COLOSTOMY! I told Zach that Mr. Brixby's (my stoma) sabbatical is over, and he's going back to work at the law firm (the rest of my colon). It's 'BOUT time, y'all!

Of course, this morning I called with a few questions for my surgeon as well as for my pre-op, and the nurse informs me that I have to be on a liquid diet for 48 hours before my surgery. (A clear liquid diet includes broth, bouillon, popsicles, JELL-O, hard candy, tea, clear Gatorade, lemon-lime soda--that I haven't been drinking since before my surgery). Normally, this would not be too big of a deal--though I've only been on a liquid diet without TPN (Total Parenteral Nutrition through an IV) in the past for just 24 hours at a time--but we are traveling this weekend. We have planned since January to go up to IL to reunite with some of our friends from Zach's grad program; we will be there Friday through Sunday night, heading home on Monday. This means that I will be on this clear liquid diet one day while we are there and another whilst traveling. That should be interesting...

I would appreciate your prayers for an easy, successful surgery and a quick, successful recovery! Please pray for wisdom for my doctors and nurses and peace for myself, my family, and friends. Many, many thanks!

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