Mandy Moore on Grey's Anatomy

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Recently, I started watching Grey's Anatomy on Netflix. I had seen seasons one to five-ish, I believe, when they originally aired, but then they started getting kind of crazy, so I stopped watching.

But I have this compulsive habit of having to finish a series, so when Netflix started streaming the series, I picked it back up. I haven't been disappointed: the series dropped off for awhile during season five, but then picked back up in season six.

Last night after we had gone to see The Hunger Games (sooo good!) and watched the rest of Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy with Sheena and I had learned what part of a popcorn piece I could eat, I turned on this episode--the season six finale.

It featured Mandy Moore as a guest star. Right before they cut to this scene, I was telling Zach (who was reading his iPad on the couch) how several Gilmore Girls' stars had guest starred on the show and how that made me happy as it's my favorite. When Mandy Moore appeared, I reminded him that a lot my friends in high school compared me to her because of the movie A Walk to Remember, which I can admit that I LOVED when I was in high school. (I looked like her in that movie in that I had dark hair and bangs, wore similar clothes, and was sick a lot.)

Anyway, Mandy's character Mary starts talking about why she's at Seattle Grace Mercy West, and SHE HAS A COLOSTOMY. Y'all, I could have been knocked over with a feather! Seriously?! A colostomy?! And she goes on to describe just as I do--how she poops in a bag and it's the grossest thing she has ever done and she is ready for her surgery to reverse it! That, my friends, is MY LIFE RIGHT NOW.

Well, Zach immediately put down his iPad at this and looked at me. I told him how I had been waiting for someone to have a colostomy on this show since a colectomy is a fairly common and easy surgery. He asked if that meant her on-screen husband was him, especially after she requested he go get her a pizza. Later, I told him that if I was Mandy Moore that made him Ryan Adams, I guessed, and he was okay with that. ;)

I am telling you that this episode terrified me! Zach kept putting down his iPad to watch, and we were both getting stressed. If you don't remember this episode, a former patient's husband has it in for Derek, Richard, and Lexie, but a lot of other people get in the crossfire along the way.

The thing I kept thinking was, "Poor Mandy. She just wants to get her colostomy reversed. I hope this stuff doesn't happen when I go in for mine..."

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