Menu, Tuesday: Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate is not a vegetable. (I know that. I really do. It's like the time my friend Katie said a turkey is a not a vegetable, and we thought, "Duuuuuh....") But I have been bad about posting and about eating vegetables and about trying new recipes. So when I tried this easy recipe (only two ingredients) and difficult recipe (only two ingredients that have to be perfectly balanced and melted over heat then whipped over cool), I couldn't help but share it!

Chocolate Mousse

-Combine about 1-1/3 cup of semisweet chocolate chips...

...with 3/4 cup of water. Melt on low in a saucepan.

-Prepare an ice bath: fill a large (very large) bowl with some ice and some water.
-Place a smaller bowl within this larger one and let chill.
-When your chocolate is melted, pour into the smaller bowl and whip by hand or with an electric mixer until thickened. Depending on the water or fat content, you may have to add more water or melted chocolate respectively. (I initially started with a cup of chocolate chips, but when it didn't thicken up, I had to pour it back into a saucepan and added about another 1/3 cup of chocolate chips. Next time, I think I would add a little bit more water as well to make it fluffier and not as heavy and dense. It's still a mousse. But it's a faaaaat mousse. *haha*)

Be warned: my hand mixer is kinda junky and no longer works on the lowest setting. The next setting sends chocolate EVERYWHERE. The same thing happened when I made pudding when Zach had the flu. Then, I was being lazy and opted out of using my KitchenAid mixer. I couldn't have used it making the chocolate mousse because I wouldn't have been able to rig up an ice bath beneath it.

-Top with whipped cream and serve!

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  1. It was pretty good! But my husband, who requested it over and over, didn't even eat his! (He got sick, so I guess I shouldn't be too mad, but I'm pretty sure I ruined one of my favorite shirts because it got splattered with chocolate...and one spot hasn't come out. :( )


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