Prayers Needed

Please be praying for my mama. She is going in the hospital for some tests tomorrow and into a nursing/rehab home next week for physical therapy on her back. Her back has been so bad that lately she is having trouble moving and walking.  Her back started bothering her in October.  Several tests and X-rays were run, but they didn't show anything.  The pain continued to worsen, and when her doctor prescribed pain pills, her appetite vanished, and she was nauseated and vomiting.  She also had some raised spots come up on her body, including on her breast that was lanced earlier last year (It was not malignant or anything).  As such, she lost a lot of weight and is very weak.  So now that she is on pain medication that aren't causing her to be sick, her muscles have become too weak and the pain is still there, so she is having mobility problems.  She started PT a few weeks ago, but has been so weak (and with some of the winter weather and the holidays), she's missed some appointments.  She had some scans and an MRI, but her doctor still has not provided the results (and it has been a week and a half ago since the MRI!  I'm ticked about that!).  She was supposed to go to a surgeon on Wednesday to have those spots checked, but she could not drive.  This should be a temporary move (less than 100 days) until she can build up her strength, but she has never had much patience with herself when sick, and I am worried sick about her.  My mama lives with my brother four hours away, so I cannot just pop over every day to check on her.  I covet your prayers at this time.  Thanks.

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  1. I'm thinking good thoughts for your mama! I hope the physical therapy helps her and that she regains her mobility and finds relief from her pain.

  2. Praying praying praying! Please keep us posted.


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