Chicago, Day 3

Well, guys, guess what?  We are getting hit with more winter weather!  This is very much like 2011 in Arkansas, but not quite as convenient because then the snow was so deep, that things got shut down right away.  Right now, we're looking at ice tonight, but not so much that everyone is jumping on board this evening to close for tomorrow.  And, as soon as it starts to melt, it's back to school--even if the roads are completely clear (because everyone has used up their snow days in NWA).  That being said, everyone to our west and lots of folks to our east and south have closed, so I don't know if we won't be far behind if it keeps precipitating at and below freezing...

I hate to drag out my posts like this, but dealing with the photos is overwhelming to me.  On our third day, I left my camera at home because it was COLD (not as cold as it has been this week, but cold for this Arkansan!), so I apologize for cruddy iPhone photos.  ;)

On Monday, we went to the Field Museum of Natural History, which Zach and I had never visited either. We started the day off with a scrumptious breakfast buffet at the hotel--they had EVERYTHING!  I really wish I had taken a photo because they had the usual things at the buffet, but they also offered frittatas, Eggs Benedict, fancy orange French toast, banana bread French toast, and so much more!

At the museum, we got to see the star of the museum T-rex Sue, which is the largest intact skeleton of a tyrannosaurus rex ever found, and we also saw a 3-D film on the dig that uncovered her. 


I spent most of my time in the Ancient Egypt area: here I am in one of the actual rooms from Unis-Ankh's tomb. 
I thought this was FASCINATING:  a symbol is the thing itself!  My literary theory and linguistics heart be still!

 This, too, was interesting.


  I am sitting on the altar in Unis-Ankh's tomb!  I don't imagine this is the real thing because they had the real walls protected behind glass in this room, but most of it was intact!

 view from the top of the tomb

 I suppose it's disrespectful to photograph coffins and sarcophaguses, but I really do find the process of mummification so fascinating.

 This seemed useful.  ;)

I also went to all of the exhibits we got passes for, including ones on the World's Fair:  Columbian Exposition (to celebrate the anniversary of Columbus's "discovery"), bioluminescence, and a bug's life. (I would have liked to have gone to the one on Nazi propaganda, but I didn't discover it until after the fact.)

I believe 60%+ of the country's population passed through the fair, which was open for six months and took two weeks to explore fully.  The Museum of Science and Industry (my favorite!) is now housed in the only building left standing.

 Some of the inventions portrayed at the fair included Juicy Fruit, Cracker Jacks, and Shredded Wheat!

 lobby with wooly mammoths

 exterior (sorry for the shadow)

 gorgeous building

 We had to walk a bit to catch the right bus and train down to Willis Tower, so I captured some of the skyline at twilight.

 soooo cold


 This reminds me of Paris for some reason.

In between the museum and dinner, we went up the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) to look out on the city. It was bitterly cold, and we were in so many layers on our trek around the city. When we got the top, it was very crowded and hot, made hotter by our coats and hats and scarves. We looked out but didn't stay long. It was a nice view, but I like Hancock's observatory better.

We had lunch at the museum and dinner at Pizzeria Uno, our first time there as well. It was good, but I still think Giordano's is my favorite.  :)  The place was adorable, though, and I did enjoy the story of how Uno, Due, and Mi Casa got started!

After dinner, we had planned to go to The Drawing Room for drinks. By this time, the snow was coming down and icing the sidewalks. I was a nervous wreck because I was wearing dress shoes with no traction. (I wore those shoes because we were going to the Drawing Room, which is kind of dressier.) Unfortunately, they were closed.  :(  So I guess we will have to go for drinks this summer!

 photo b1ec0eef-a9ee-48d9-87d2-1285feb7aa0c_zpsd6f56ab6.jpg

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  1. Your iPhone photos came out lovely! I do leave the camera at home from time to time, mostly because nothing beats the portability of a phone camera and it can capture very nice pictures. The museum displays look great ... I would have liked to check out the Nazi propaganda one as well, it sounds intriguing.


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